VBA Tools For Beginners

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The Ultimate VBA Tools Add-in

Whether you’ve never written a line of VBA code or you’re an experienced programmer, AutoMacro has tools to help you be more productive in Excel VBA.


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VBA Tools For Beginners

I remember what it was like when I first started with VBA. I wasn’t a programmer. I was someone who spent my workday staring at spreadsheets. I knew VBA was the key to increasing my productivity and reducing my work hours. However, it was intimidating and frustrating to learn…

– Constantly getting errors when trying to adapt a recorded macro

– Flipping back and forth between the VBA Editor and online searches for simple examples.

– The (seemingly) never-ending struggle to get the syntax just right


I didn’t know where to turn.


Eventually, through necessity, I dove headfirst into programming, but I never forgot my early frustrations.


AutoMacro is designed to be the most frustration-free way for VBA beginners to build VBA code, while learning in the process…

What is AutoMacro?

AutoMacro is an add-in for the VBA Editor.

It gives you the ability to insert code from the Code Library directly into your code module that allows you to insert ready-to-use code directly into your code module with just a few mouse clicks:

Beginner VBA Code Generator

Interactive Tutorial

AutoMacro also contains an Interactive Tutorial that teaches you VBA directly inside the VBA Editor. Simply type your answer, press enter, and your answer is automatically graded.

  • VBA Basics
  • Variables
  • Ifs & Conditional Logic
  • Loops & Fors
  • Advanced Cell Referencing
  • Message and Input Boxes
  • Events
  • Settings
  • Advanced Procedures
  • Arrays

Learn VBA inside VBA!

interactive vba tutorial

Excel Objects Code Library

The Object Code Library might be our most popular tool for beginners!

vba code object library


Most Excel VBA work involves working with objects such as:

  • Ranges
  • Worksheets
  • Workbooks
  • Rows & Columns

The Object Code Library makes it easy to interact with these objects to perform common tasks.

It will also teach you what options are available and about object layering, with the goal that eventually you’ll outgrow the Object Code Library!

Copy + Paste Builder

The Copy + Paste Builder make it ultra-fast to generate code to copy and paste or cut and paste.

Simply select your desired workbooks, worksheets, and ranges to copy from and paste to.

Copy Paste VBA Builder

Ifs, Loops, and MessageBoxes Code Library

Loops and Fors Code Library Loops and Fors Messagebox Code Library MessageBoxes If / Case Code Library Ifs and Cases

In addition to the Object Code Library, AutoMacro contains numerous other ready-to-use code fragments.

As a beginner you’ll want to reference the Ifs, Loops, and MessageBoxes sections of the Code Library.

These sections will help teach you what VBA is capable of, while giving you easy access to this sample code.

Loops Generator

The Loops section of the Code Library is great for a quick reference, but often times it is insufficient.

The Loops Generator will build full Loop or Fors code from scratch all without writing a single line of code!

  • Loop through cells, find values less than 0, and make a note.
  • Unhide all worksheets in a workbook
  • Close all Open Workbooks
  • Loop through numbers.
  • and much more!
VBA Loop Generator

Settings Code Library

VBA Code Library Settings

As you become more experienced with VBA, you’ll want to make use of Excel and VBA settings.

These settings can turn off screen updating, disable calculations, and much more.

The settings declarations are long and can be hard to remember. This quick reference will make your life much easier.

Procedure Builder

The Procedure Builder allows you to generate procedures from scratch, with your desired settings, comments, etc.

This is a great tool to learn about procedures, what settings you might want to use and more.

You can also save your default settings for future use.

VBA Procedure Builder

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Interactive VBA Tutorial

100 ready-to-use code examples

  • Objects
  • Ifs
  • Loops
  • MessageBoxes
  • Settings

Copy / Cut & Paste Builder

Procedure Builder


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Steve Rynearson:
Creator of AutoMacro

Over the years, I’ve spent countless hours searching online for example code and adapting that code to my needs.

I often found myself clicking the same links and copying the same code. I thought there has to be a better way!

AutoMacro eliminates much of this need to search online for code. Instead simply use the menus to select pre-built code or use the builders to generate code for your exact needs.

Additionally, the coding tools will save you time and help you develop more professional looking code.

For anyone coding VBA, AutoMacro is a life-saver. You’ll code much faster, develop more professional code, and learn VBA much faster (if you’re not already an expert).

Disclaimer: AutoMacro is a product of ToolFive Software LLC. PowerSpreadsheets.com is a registered affiliate and will receive an affiliate commission from any sale from this webpage.

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